Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Nod head vigorously. Eyes wide open in acknowledgment. A knowing look. Poof! The head at an angle making a skewed question mark. Fingers strumming chin. A glazed look. Skeptical curve of the mouth.

Tis like when a parent says milk is good for health yada yada yada and the first sip leaves you spluttering over "yeah?" Like concepts that make complete sense when studied but leaves one's grasp while writing an exam. Like the girl in Hitchiker's Guide who figured out the meaning of life just about when the planet was obviated by an alien invasion. Uhh...What's the point again?

Somethings are based on trust. Like one would prescriptions. Wary but once swallowed do some good. Questions proximate with mild confusion. However, nothing was in vain. The puzzle is in place but missing an elusive piece to help comprehend the complete picture. Hazy recollection of where it could be. Clarity flits like it does off questions such as Why is God God and the likes. I don't like milk but chilled milk, yes. One must have it and so one must have it. Answers will come meandering their way by time.

And while it does, shall go binge on books, hum out of tune, watch macabre movies (Sweeney Todd! Yaay!), and for once feed not-far-fetched (Karnataka is next door indeedy) plans of travel to reality.

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