Friday, April 04, 2008

As I wait for Mayamma's Coffee...

I prefer the Dentist's to the Hospital any day! Too many times have 'idy and I gone to St. John's in the middle of the night to get her checked. While she blanches on entering Emergency, I visibly stop breathing. These visits happened every month while studying in Blore and were always in the middle of the night. It was either an auto that fleeced us, J's Kinetic or our legs trudging up the slope. As frequent as our visits to the Doc were was the sight of Blood with at least one person having lost a limb in a road accident. Getting back to hostel was a nightmare as well. It was either sidey men or rabid dogs that chased us.

Mercifully there's nothing fatal about getting shots to the gums, the rust-like taste of blood swishing around in the mouth or that overpowering smell of sterilization. But I would definitely like to see if I feel the same way when my Wisdom's kick in. Apparently my jaw's too small (my mom disagrees - "vai kizhiya pesuva") to accomodate them and I've got till 27 or 29 to feel the pain. And do dentist's place have to be green? Yes, tis soothing and all that jazz but just wondering. The only places I hate green in are swimming pools and lakes. I find them phenomenally claustrophobic. There are way too many tangents above - why dentist's better than hospital, my jaw, where I like green.

No, I do not fantasize about Dentists and their green spaces in the day. My dad went into some horrendous pain all of a sudden the other day. Poor man had to have 2 root canals done. But seriously, methinks men have less pain tolerance than women. Really. Some of my friends are wusses. Sid is a Devar. He's a contradiction to the theory of Mimesis - Devar Magan does not mimic any of Sid's bravery cause he's got none. Kuku, one of my closest friends who recently got married is terribly frightened of injections and is capable of fainting at the sight of blood. I have a feeling I might have to be fanning him to consciousness while his wife's in labour.

The next tangent being Kuku - It feels like a warm sunday where every thing's amber and perfectly pleasant by a sea that's easy on the eye and the sand expunging your feet as the happiness seeps in, when a friend acknowledges you as one of his closest and privileged :-) Was very touched that he & K called a few days after their wedding, before they took off and after they got back to the country. Very unexpected and very touched.

Today I've got only the radio for company and not z mp3 player. And all is good as I get to hear Danush give an interview on Yaaradi Nee Mohini on one of the stations. Apparently he's only 24 :-0 Was thinking 26 maybe. But too much scene I say! A smattering of Tamizh doused in English is how his interview went. And then there was realization that he's hot in a very unlikely way. Well, I guess there is something about him. Methinks I started paying attention to him in Kadhal Kondaen, was quite impressed with Pudhu Pettai and found him quite endearing in Polladhavan.

P.s: I chose to set myself adrift while I wait for Mayamma's milky coffee cause if there's one time I annoy myself, it is when I pms in this fashion! Thank god for variety, I'm subject to 4 of them and each month they differ and are mercifully short-lived :-) One, I think way too much like now. And to make my head shut up I ramble on like this avoiding the niggling voices in my head that want to over analyze any given situation. Till date I've never over analyzed cause I'm too tired getting myself to listen to myself and not overactive eq. Two, I'm phenomenally energetic. Late nights where I'm either doing Marathon book reading sessions, painting bottles or some art, working, or on a cleaning/dusting spree. Three is pretty straight-forward - I'm terribly hungry. Four is just as simple - I'm not hungry at all. Coffee's Here!

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