Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mi God

has mid-life crisis.

A bit of history...The Nothing that makes him dumped in his hands some very exciting plastaceen in his early years. You see, this, Nothing had to do cause God liked to get into z laboratory of Nothing and eat prototype of mud as a kid. As a toddler he had nightmares about his destiny. The countless gazing faces, grasping hands, whimpers simpers and burps and nauseous gasses as offshoots in his name...not exciting. So this scheming kid who wanted to runaway from the looming homework, shoved copy of mud down his throat in hope that he turns out to be the protoype of a future creation - de one with a crevice in front and back and quite smooth all over. He thought gorging and squirting would be job enough and no one would kandufy such a slimy thing and probably get evicted by Nothing. *Now I dunno how he sounds like God is quite nice. Anyway, let me proceed.*

Then God did grow up. Nothing was pissed that there was nil economic value or systems in God's plans. God's chosen vocation you see was that of an for arts sake. Pottery actually thanks to all the plastaceen. He was on a roll and yeah he had a ball. Everytime he stepped on the clay to make it right, he made it all quite tipsy in here awrite. And then it was done. Then he wanted to add a bit of glimmer. Wrong move #1. Actually the only wrong move. He thoovified Hope all over his creations. And then Hope being one of the last things to make the world didn't have enough raw material to make it a wholesome thingy. So it had a fragmented DNA and turned out to be this mutant of a parasite. HIV was the the rage...Hope Infected Victims :-( Hope's henchmen greed, jealousy, lack, loser, geek, sidey oggler, moonyeyed romantic and the rest of the jing bang made their presence felt by giving it all up and promoting currency and the sale of apples, fences, chalk pieces, and walls for terrtitorial pissing for the discerning kinds, the ones who make the rules, the laws, economics and all that faff by sniffing at urine splotches. They probably are lying cause it all stinks!

Anyway, getting back to God. Well, he didn't have a whitener and good thing too cause he would've been busy sniffing and getting high in his depression of having let lose a bunch of pathetic mutants. He created cockroaches next.

And so went the life of God. The parasites grew. Hope was stronger than ever...all for a better world. What faff bledy conner!

And then boom! Mid-life crisis. God's sittin clueless in his laboratory reading Pinky and the Brain and says 'faff of world! you make me whine.' God thought if he made his presence felt in every creation and got into the core, he could figure out how to get his creations out of the rut of Hope. But, he just got under our skin and we got under his. And so it's a shared ponderous grievance. I mean God's hoping too man!

Fie! Shame on us for scrambling to God under the bed, on the dias, under a gopuram and any other weird ass place cause well, we need to figure out how. In his mid-life crisis God figured there were a few clauses left by Nothing to offer him some reprieve - God helps those who help themselves, Where there's a will there's a way, The will can squish the fate *my rephrasal of something*

P.S: My god is androgynous. Maybe that's why the earth worm fascination...? Also, God is this marshmallow of volatile emotions ranging from extreme love and passion to hatred, anger and nail chewing finger chopping stuff. Oh and is quite contrary to what he himself thinks, is always all ears! And yep a bit of an addict to doing the give or not give...I won't let you get screwed or faff off!

P.p.s: Sometimes methinks he's the fallen angel cause well, look what he's done. Sometimes methinks Hope is the bledy fallen angel. I dunno I'm still figuring out God and sometimes I think I've got him...he's a lil lost.

P.p.p.s: Why I say is it so expensive to live? Why is art, literature, music and medicine so bledy expensive??? What the faff are people who haven't got a UB supposed to live on? P'dner says survival of the fittest. Maybe Nothing didn't give a lesson on economics to the young God - 'Ya overproduce you only get depression!'

P.p.p.p.s: Am thinking I should scoot to the lands of deserts and earn pots of gold and take care of every soul I love (around 15) and keep them happy and maybe even buy some contentment.

Monday, June 12, 2006


We're just a bunch of neurons, life's a bunch of sensations, said two people whose name I don't remember. And life's lived in transitions...piss off isn't it. If I could hold on to this thought when it counts I wouldn't be writing about it right now in hopes that selective amnesia wouldn't recur. Fie! Fie! Fie!

Things I wish didn't come into existence:

Currency and its offshoot which is practically everything!
Society (not saying trash company...trash tags and norms...this is also offshoot of currency...methinks)
Hope (the worst thing ever to come out of Pandora's box)

Hmmm that's all...perfect world possible