Tuesday, October 11, 2005


What's in a name they say. Well, try figuring out a suitable name for your blog!

Finally decided that I should let all the chatter in my head out. There's a very human and convenient proverb in Tamizh which says 'may you share my same set of unfortunate circumstances' or something to that extent

I shall however filter all the prattle...Here's an inkling - Why is androgyny impossible? Why definitions by sex? Is conditioning any good? For instance, people down in the villages get by with good ole sex whereas we feel cheated without foreplay. Why do we Indians have a time-table for life i.e. oh you're a 24 yr ole female, do you want the pic of you in the pink sari on shaadi.com? Why the concept of women needing protection? That's all a lot of 'me' oriented issues, but there are others...Reincarnation (?), concept of necessary evil, herden mentality in spite of the fact that you're essentially alone...Beats me!

Hmmm this is easy i.e. when you're writing to an omniscient entity (the blog or the blogging community). Guess the entire queasiness arises only when you identify people, connect, and make space for impressions.

Later then, till the next bout of insane, mundane nonsense plague me.