Monday, April 07, 2008

Why do you build me up buttercup?

"So what are you planning to do this long weekend?" asked a few friends of mine from Blore. What long weekend!?! I ask. I work on Saturdays. And yes, today is Ugadhi but neither am I a Kannadiga nor a Telugu and therefore don't feel too right about applying for a festival off. Apart from my mum who's constantly reminding me that I must take off on 14th it is the zinc deficiency presenting itself in a pristine white dash on a nail that says tis time to go shopping for new clothes :-P Signs are good and most of them exist methinks to make a good excuse.

The good times promised by Saturday evening was a no show. The morning was great. Without much of a hassle I managed to figure out something that could fit into work and an evening out with friends. For once I ignored Saturday's condescending streak - the roads are great for driving cause 3/4th of the traffic is off the roads cause that's how many people get Saturdays off! Work moved at a slug-like pace. Vani dropped in and added colour to the blandness of boredom. Soon she enticed my appetite with talk of samosas and bhajjis from down the road.

A call from home however told me that I could quit salivating over lil triangles of crispy joy and thirsting for beer as my dad's root canal pains had kicked in. They were at the dentist's. Nothing serious but I had to get there. And so I left work with Vani. On our way down we stopped by to watch Pattiyal with Kalpana for a lil while. Arya can't emote.

I was tired with the acknowledgment that I looked fantastic but had to go to the dentist's. That and the fact that I was going to miss out on N. This however, made me hungry. So Saturday evening saw Vani and me with the quickest plates of chaat ever to be mixed together from Gangotree. It was made to sound like a place of compulsory pilgrimage for Stella Marians when I had just finished my 12th and waiting for admission. And for the first one week I looked at it in awe as I got off the bus.

With parents worn out by long evening, Dinner presented itself to be made by me. Bindi fry in curd with rotis. This, while trying to figure out the time for the last order in various places for friends who were keen yet late. TDS never lets anyone down methinks. They went on to serve till 12 is what I heard.

I stayed up till 12 to check on medication. And then went to bed as the next door watchman's radio crooned Illayaraja hits.

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